Beanie Box


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Featuring a gorgeous top knot beanie, this beautiful gift box has been designed specifically for prem mums of premature babies who are undergoing a hospital stay. Each item has been lovingly chosen to meet the needs of these mums and to help make them feel special during a difficult journey.


  • Hydrating hand cream – NICU mums wash their hands ALL THE TIME
  • Premature baby beanie
  • ‘Our Journey’ Journal, for capturing all the moments
  • Milestone cards, designed especially for hospital milestones
  • Bag tag/keychain – to show off your proud mumma status

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Hydrating Hand Cream

New NICU mummas wash their hands ALL THE TIME. Harsh hospitals soaps can be damaging to the skin and leave hands dry and cracked. This hydrating hand cream by Charlotte’s Lab is full of shea butter, olive oil and grapeseed oil and is the perfect size for a handbag so it can be used whenever mumma leaves hospital.

Handmade premature baby beanie

Babies lose so much heat from their head, so these gorgeous top knot beanies are a great way to help them regulate their body temperature. Designed by Bronwyn of Clarke Creations, this beanie is designed to fit a baby 1.2-2.2kg.

Premature Baby Milestone cards

Prem mums have different milestones than full term mums and these gorgeous milestone cards by NICU Narratives celebrate those. Designed by a NICU nurse, these 14 cards commemorate achievements like the first cuddle with mum and the first bath, and help create beautiful memories.


Journaling is a big part of the hospital journey and can help many mums process what they are going through. This handmade journal is stamped with ‘Our Journey’ and is the perfect size to fit into a handbag and be used whenever needed.

Bag tag/keychain

These beautiful mama bear keychains by Blushery serve as a reminder that you are a mum, even when you can’t be with your baby. Made with silicon beads and a rose gold clasp and charm they are perfect for keys or handbags and show off your new mum status.

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