The premature journey is different for everyone. Here we talk about all things prem and share our stories.

If you would like to share your story, simply email us at hello@perfectlyprem.com.

Rushing for Riley

When Riley arrived 5 weeks premature, Joely and Simon had no idea what to expect or why this had happened to them.

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Shortened cervix leads to hospital stay

Imagine you live in regional Australia, you are 28 weeks pregnant and your doctor tells you that your cervix has shortened. He then says you are likely to go into preterm labour and you need to be immediately be flown to a major hospital to go on bedrest. Imagine...

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Milestones and March 17

Being a prem mum means that you start off with different milestones that other mums. For me, March 17 was a milestone day as it was the day our daughter started breathing on her own. No CPAP, no...

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Meeting Arlo Early

By Trudie Sinclair My journey to motherhood began soon after we got married in March 2015. I got my first positive pregnancy test in July and was of course over the moon. I told everyone! Sadly we found out at just 8 weeks the...

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